About Us

Experience You Can Count On

Founded in 2011, NVA250 has launched a wide range of businesses from their home location at 250 Bell Street Reno, NV. Through a diverse consulting group, NVA250 provides mentorship in business development, financing, supply chain, and long term growth options. As a community-focused organization, NVA250 focuses on the three legs of sustainability: profitability, people, and the environment. Let us know if you are interested in talking with us about your project.

With the current medical emergency, NVA250 has taken on logistic support for medical supplies desperately needed by American communities. We take a fair market approach and have built a lean, emergency-based program calling on an incredible network of caring people throughout the world. Please read more below. 

Working with partners from around the world, NVA250 utilizes a sophisticated network for quality control.

  • Use of established medical equipment suppliers with freight forward capabilities to Port of Export.
  • SGS validation (or similar high quality service) of all orders at the factories.
  • US custom broker validation of orders for FDA approval (when needed) before leaving Port of Export and support for rapid movement through US customs at the Port of Entry.
  • Use of established international freight haulers to handle transport into the US and last-mile distribution. 

Purchase process for US counties:

  • Potential customer contacts NVA250 for company information and presents supplies list (Type of product and quantities. Specific delivery times may not be an option for customer).
  • NVA250 will discuss product availability and is possible, provide a pro-forma invoice within 2-12 hours with confirmed costs and production lead time and delivery of product.
  • Within 4 hours of receiving the pro-forma, the customer will need to respond with a signed Purchasing Agreement plus a deposit, depending on market conditions, source of product, and product availability at the time to proceed with product ordering.

  1. The required NVA deposit consists of 100% of the product and transportation costs and will be initially held in escrow. NVA250 requires 100% of the air transportation cost from Port of Export to Port of Entry to be deposited to reserve air transport to complete negotiations with the freight transporters (via Proof of Funds).
  2. This deposit also allows for the NVA250 US customs broker to validate that all manufacturers of FDA-approved supplies are FDA-registered, addressing the possibility of production and shipping of fraudulent materials (via Proof of Funds).
  3. Simultaneously, NVA250 will work with the customer to complete any needed vendor registration as a women-owned business.

  • For most of NVA250’s suppliers, terms are 50% TT advance and 50% at completion. The second 50% will be held in escrow until production is completed and the product is validated (inspected) by SGS or a similar service.
  • The remaining up to 60% of the product cost to be paid (the remaining balance on the invoice that represents any tariffs, taxes, fees, and our administration fee) is due upon delivery of product to the Port of Entry. After confirmation of those remaining costs, NVA250 will refund the difference or provide the customer with an invoice for the outstanding balance. This final 60% of product cost payment is based on a worst-case scenario (i.e., high tariffs). If NVA250 has confirmation of “final costs” or “close to final costs” NVA250 will update the customer with that number to minimize any refunded or balance owed amount.
  • As soon as all supplies are pre-cleared and shipment logistics are confirmed, NVA250 will updatethe invoice with final product pricing (which may still reflect estimates of tariffs, taxes, fees, and transportation costs).
  • Initial funds will be released to the supplier once a final Purchase Order from the customer is received by NVA250.